Annual Report 2017

In focus

Solaris at Hudson's Bay in the Netherlands

GrandVision's sunglass brand Solaris offers customers the ultimate sunglass selection in almost 3,500 points of sale in 40 countries. The highly visible Solaris shops and corners inside GrandVision stores generate additional traffic while providing customers with the latest sunglass trends and technologies.

Sunglasses are widely seen as a cool fashion accessory, which is why the Solaris sunglass brand shows that fashion and eye care can go hand in hand. Sunglasses protect from UV radiation, which can prevent the development of eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Solaris stores are present in high traffic locations in countries with high sunglass demand such as France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Mexico. In 2017, GrandVision began moving beyond traditional channels, bringing Solaris to Hudson’s Bay – a chain of 90 department stores expanding in the Netherlands. The company is focused on high-end fashion apparel, accessories and home goods, and addresses trend and lifestyle oriented consumers.

By placing Solaris’ specialized sunglass corners within the Hudson’s Bay department stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other major cities in the Netherlands, GrandVision takes an important strategic step to increase the diversity of its retail channels and partnership opportunities, while growing the brand awareness of Solaris with Dutch customers.