Annual Report 2017

In focus

Field-based training in Turkey

Improving the communication skills, the empathetic approach and a positive attitude has become an important part of the professional training we offer, complementing the technical expertise of our sales and optical specialists. On-the-job training is also one of the ways GrandVision customizes and adapts the customer journey to a specific region.

In Atasun, our business in Turkey, a new process has been implemented to select store managers with the necessary skills and expertise to become regional training leaders, in addition to the e-learning and class activities already implemented by GV Academy.

Atasun regional training leaders are responsible for two or three regions and have a specific expertise in one or more fields. Their responsibility is to support the sales process training and technical training of store employees. They are also ambassadors for new customer journeys and processes. They train new store managers, develop the skills of existing managers and help strengthen the company’s focus on its most promising areas of business.

Atasun has adapted this approach to better learn how to serve local customers. The training leaders share their findings and experiences with regional managers who then help to define further steps in the approach. At the same time, if a regional manager detects an area that needs improvement − they inform the training leader. This has resulted in training programs with highly specific content for open classes, classroom trainings and role playing.

The approach has been highly successful so far, with improved test scores, especially in relation to specific products, such as progressive lenses – showing the effect of technical training in the field.