Annual Report 2017

Our business model

GrandVision differentiates itself by offering a simple, safe and honest customer journey, high quality products and best-in-class optical services with affordable and transparent pricing.

Across our network of over 7,000 stores, we deliver a harmonized customer experience and comprehensive after-sales service, supplemented by omni-channel features and digital communication. This approach facilitates higher in-store conversion, and greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our ‘retail-only’ model delivers an assortment of products and brands that is entirely customer-oriented. We identify new trends at an early stage through our close proximity to customers. Without the constraints of an own production footprint and thanks to our central purchasing and distribution capabilities, we can instantly follow trends and bring the benefits of the latest product, service and production innovations to our customers.

The scale and global reach of our company offers us distinct procurement advantages in terms of product range, quality and purchase prices. It allows us to provide customers with a more competitive range at more affordable retail prices in the large and growing mass-market segment. Furthermore, our strong distribution and marketing capabilities allow us to communicate more effectively across all media channels and to create brand awareness and loyalty in each of our markets.