Annual Report 2017

In focus

Digital brand building in Turkey

GrandVision’s Turkish business, Atasun, operates 184 stores in one of the fastest developing and digitally savvy markets today, where social media penetration is as high as 65%. However, Turkey also has one of the strictest legislative environments in eye care, as it explicitly prohibits the advertisement of prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Our colleagues have embraced this challenge by unifying their communication strategy for both the optical and sunglass categories, and finding the right way to address these two very different target groups. To achieve this, they adopted a relatively new approach – influencer marketing, to tell their individual brand stories via social content and conversations.

With a strategy based on the three main pillars of TV, Radio and Digital Media, Atasun created a word-of-mouth effect with a link to their main campaign by using Instagram influencers. Music was one of the strongest element in the campaign and was the key point in terms of creating ‘mental availability’ to enable buyers to notice, recognize and think of Atasun brand in buying situations.

The campaign took place over the summer in 2017 and was supported by a song contest on Instagram and Spotify involving relevant Turkish social media Influencers. These influencers had a total of almost four million followers who they encouraged to participate in the contest. The success of this campaign has been undeniable. It has led to more than 10 million impressions on social media, 7 million video views, and more than 400,000 clicks on the display advertisement. As a result, Atasun has not only strengthened its brand presence and recognition, it has also increased its online and in-store traffic.