Annual Report 2017

In focus

Bringing leading edge ophthalmic technology to Colombia

GrandVision’s Colombian retail banner, Lafam, operates two state-of-the-art ophthalmology centers and one clinic, specialized in refractive surgery. Lafam opened its first eye clinic in 2000 and since then has successfully referred its customers from its stores to its eye clinics.

Lafam's eye centers and clinic are run by ophthalmologists specialized in oculoplastic and refractive surgery, and optometrists, contactologists and orthoptists who perform hundreds of procedures per month. In 2017, they did around 5,400 surgeries including Lasik and PRK surgery to correct refractive defects, the implantation of all types of intraocular lenses, blepharoplasty, as well as other resection surgeries of chalazions and pterygium.

Lafam, the nation’s leading optical chain, provides truly modern and highly specialized services in this fast-growing market, and offers access to the highest safety and quality standards to its customers. In 2017, GrandVision invested €430,000 to provide its ophthalmic clinic in Bogota with state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Demand for laser procedures and ophthalmologic surgeries in the clinic has reached approximately 370 patients each month. To meet GrandVision’s goal to provide affordable eye care and to impact more people’s lives, Lafam offers the lowest prices in its market. This is particularly important given that surgery is usually not covered by health insurance, and patients pay out of their own pocket. To help make the surgery even more affordable, Lafam offers a range of payment options, including cash, credit card and various types of financing.

We know many people don’t want to or might not be able to wear glasses or contact lenses, and that these are not the only solutions to be able to see well,” says Yesmid Piraquiva, the clinic’s Regional Sales Manager at Lafam. “It therefore gives me great satisfaction to have this love and passion for refractive surgeries, and to give all Colombians the opportunity to correct their vision.

Lafam clinic in Bogota, Colombia