Annual Report 2017

In focus

MASK IT UP! sets the fashion

A deep-seated understanding of customers’ needs and preferences, and our expert views on market and fashion trends, has allowed us to develop a unique global portfolio of products. Our assortment of Exclusive Brands of frames, sunglasses, lenses and contact lenses has become central to our retail positioning and overall identity in the market.

Typically, frames for spectacles and sunglasses are considered two separate categories. One is a medical and functional product for correcting vision, while the other is seen as a fashion item, despite its UV protection quality. Although 70% of our sunglasses can already be fitted with prescription lenses, in 2017 we took another strong step in this direction with the launch of the new ‘MASK IT UP!’ collection; a 2-in-1 product that combines optical frames and sunglasses while staying at the top of the trends.

Developed by our fashion-focused label In Style, the ‘MASK IT UP!’ collection offers a range of optical frames and mirror lensed masks that can be placed on top of the spectacles. The magnetic clip-on mask brings a playful touch, allowing customers to switch very easily from regular spectacles to sunglasses with just one touch. These masks come in different shapes and colours and allow customers to play with their look and style, according to their mood, the occasion and even the weather.

The product launch was backed up by strong in-store and digital campaigns and supported by centrally provided materials that each market adapted locally. Through ‘MASK IT UP!’ In Style remains at the cutting edge of the hottest trends from the coolest towns and cities. It appeals to connected and dynamic individuals who like to experiment and express their individuality through the latest high street fashion.